Thursday, July 30, 2009

Uses for Binder Clips: Fashion and Belts

Megan Butcher demonstrates how a well-placed binder clip keeps the extra portion of her belt from flapping around.

I would do the same but my belt only extends a couple of inches past the buckle and doesn't need to be clipped down. Perhaps the fact that I would have a legitimate reason to wear a binder clip will act as incentive for me to lose some weight.


Asteroidea Press said...

How exciting! I got categorized as Brilliant Ideas!

I just buy ginormous belts.

RealGrouchy said...

I get those by the box--a 12x9x9" box at a time with all sizes (mostly black, though). They're crazy useful. When people come over, I invite them to grab a handful of them.

In fact, I need to refill. Thanks for the reminder!

- RG>

Stephanie said...

Good idea! I actually am known to use them as hair clips. Works really well when you don't have anything to hold you hair back from your face. 1" is the best size for me in this situation :)

Michael T said...

This is such a brilliant idea; I've got a hand-me-down leather belt that gets bigger by the year, and never even considered using a binder clip. My love of these binder clip notes has actually paid off! Thanks