Wednesday, December 01, 2010

I'm a Knithacker?

Last week, before the weather turned ugly and before my PowerShot died, I took this picture of a pole warmer on Gladstone Ave (north side, just west of Kent Street). On the weekend, I uploaded it to Flickr along with a few other shots of it and today I received this notice:

Group invites

You've been invited to add this photo to the group knithacker.

By group admin lily dustbin

Of course I clicked the "accept invitation" button. It took me to the knithacker page where I was told that to submit a photo, I would have to become a member. No membership fee, so I signed up and now my photo is one of the 5,306 items in the knithacker group pool.

I feel a bit like a fraud, but the invitation still made me happy.

p.s. I know that other local bloggers have spotted some of these, but I'm not sure if anybody caught this one and I don't have time to search around because I promised to have fried rice ready when Manon gets home.


Anonymous said...

Get the fried rice done. Pleasing the lovely Manon is a lot more important that looking for knitted pole warmers.

red vera

knithack said...

you're not a fraud!! lol... thanks for adding the photo btw. i wish i was in ottawa to see it. i'm in toronto...

did you really have to become a member to join the group? i'm happy to have you as a member, but I don't want people to feel obligated to join just to add their picture...

David Scrimshaw said...

Red Vera, no worries, the fried rice was done not long after the lovely Manon got home and she seemed pleased with it.

Knithack, I'm not sure I had to join to submit. It looked like I had to. But I may have at least one other photo to submit to the group, so I figured why not.

Manon said...

David, how is it that your fried rice only gets tastier each time?