Sunday, November 06, 2011

Uses for Binder Clips: Cat Doors and ODD

When you install your screened-in porch, you may find that your cat is reluctant to use her new swinging cat door.

At first, our cat Magi did not at all seem to like the idea of pushing against the screen flap.

Holding her and pushing her through resulted in very unpleasant struggles.

Young Zander tried to demonstrate by pushing his own head through. But perhaps because the rest of his body would not go through or perhaps because Magi suffers from Oppositional Defiance Disorder like everyone else in this household, Magi still did not take to the new door.

After Manon put a binder clip on the flap to keep it partly open, Magi got the idea she could enter and leave the porch on her own with no assistance. The binder clip was adjusted to have the flap lower and lower and now, Magi is in and out like she owns the place. With no assistance and no binder clip.

This should cut down on scratching damage to the screen door and demonstrates that sometimes the best way to deal with the oppositionally defiant is to let them come to the right decision in their own time.


zoom said...

Brilliant! I love that you all suffer from ODD. It must be so much fun when you're all using reverse psychology on each other at the same time. ;)

Other Dave said...

I need to test this on a couple of teenagers I know...