Friday, April 06, 2012

Debatable Uses for Binder Clips: Storing Beer

"Use a binder clip to keep beer stacked" by Muteboy
Two friends, Jay Zee and Are Jay, sent me the link to a binder clip use reported on a Lifehacker posting that picked up on a Flickr photo by Matthew Petty.

The comments in the Lifehacker post point out some of the issues with this:

But if you have a wire rack in your fridge and you need to put beers on a shelf that isn't high enough for the bottles, by all means, you should use a binder clip to keep the bottles from rolling.


Anonymous said...

Your father has been using a binder clip to keep his immobilizer attached to his walking shorts thus keeping it from sliding down.

David Scrimshaw said...

I'll have to get a photo of that on Sunday.

mjp said...

I've been so amazed by the reaction to this photo I took in 2008 that I wrote a blog post summarizing most of the reactions and comments.

Jimmy Z said...

Binder clip use!