Sunday, November 03, 2013

Where are the budget mittens?

Joe Fresh gloves at Loblaws
In the winter, I wear mittens. I do not wear gloves. Mittens keep my hands warm and gloves don't.

Also in the winter, I lose mittens. And toques. On Thursday morning, I lost my toque and a pair of mittens when I got off the bus.

So since then, I have been looking for low-price mittens and toques. I have been to the Bay, Winners, Sports Experts, Giant Tiger, Dollarama, Value Village, Loblaws and several other stores.

I did find some low-price hats. The best find was a $2.50 toque at Dollarama yesterday. Today, it occurred to me I should have bought five or six of them. I'll probably need them all eventually, and in the meantime, I'd have them on hand if I acquire a group of henchmen.

None of these places had low-price mittens. Only gloves. What is up with that?

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