Friday, September 11, 2020

Learning how to get more attention on Facebook

I post here, on Facebook, and on Twitter. Why? To get attention.

My preference would be to just post on this blog because I have more control over how the post looks and it's open to everyone, even my friends who will never use Facebook because Facebook is privacy-violating and democracy-destroying.

But I use Facebook because many people who have an interest in my stuff are only there. And Facebook gives me lots of information on the attention my posts are getting with the "like" icons and comments.

Because of these statistics, I've now learned the key for my posts to get lots of attention:

August 14 - A picture of Manon with her new haircut - 26 likes, 7 comments

August 15 - A video of a bagpipe concert on our street - 21 likes, 2 comments, 1 share

August 29 - An exciting post relaying what might otherwise have been a lost verse of an iconic Newfoundland song with an adorable picture of my grandfather, adding to the sum of human knowledge and enriching the lives of all Canadians - 9 likes, 10 comments

September 9A video of blackbirds sitting on wires eyeing my grapes - 19 likes, 11 comments

September 10 - a picture from Pinhey Forest of the beautiful Manon and me looking like Red Green - 72 likes, 20 comments

The lesson is clear. If I want attention on Facebook, Manon is the key.

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