Saturday, August 27, 2005

Three Things

Shift-click on this picture to practise. 1) An InternetExplorer Tip: If a picture just fits your screen and is smaller than you'd like it to be, move your mouse to the bottom right (your right) of the picture. A square icon may popup. If you click on it, the picture should get bigger. 2) A Very Good Reason to Not Go Back to School in Your 40s: If 20 years after graduating you no longer have bad dreams about exams and you'd rather not go back to having those bad dreams, don't go back to school. In one of the two exam anxiety dreams I had last night, I had to clean food and dirty dishes off a cafeteria table before I could start writing an exam. 3) Something new in library lending: If you thought the OPL's lending of pedometers is cool, you'll love what a library in the Netherlands is doing - lending out people (Found at Frugal for Life) No mention of how heavy the overdue fines are. [You can't exactly borrow them, but the OPL does have an easy way for you ask a reference librarian questions.]

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