Monday, August 29, 2005

What is it with the Kittens?

That's Acosia the copy-editing wonder cat on the guy's leftLet me be clear, I am pro-kitten. I like cats. I think it's fine that they are taking over the Blog-osphere. I just can't figure out how they've done it. MintyFresh is such a guaranteed hit for kitten photos that today's picture of a horse-jumping fence is titled "hey look! not kittens!". Lana Stewart who takes really good pictures and was awarded "best local blog" by the Ottawa Citizen this summer for her Place and Thyme resigned from the Blogosphere on August 16 then came out of retirement on August 25 with a picture of... that's right -- kittens! Followed two days later with a cat named Orville. Earlier today, Frances Heaney put up a link to Cats in Sinks on his fabulous blog. Now he's got a picture of his own kitten in a sink that could be a winningest kitten at KittenWar. If it's not too late, I should warn you not to click on KittenWar. If you're like me you just spent more time than you really should have choosing which kitten out of two is cuter. And let's face it who are you going to be able to convince that you should have spent any time doing that? But if you're looking for more kitten rating fun and don't like the head to head battles, you can head over to Bubbles' Rate My Kitties. (There's at least one in a sink.) Whatever this power is that the felines are exerting over us, they don't need to be physically present. Something just compelled me to go downstairs, pull out the 1985 photo album and scan in this picture of a young fellow working on a dino-blog for CUSO Ghana.


Anonymous said...

Just for variety, let me say that I dislike the takeover of kittens, both in cyberspace, and in real life.

Good for you for liking them, but I note that even people like you, people who like kitties, can't figure out the power they hold over so many humans.

I can't figure it out at all.

Mean and women, equally, get drippy and sappy over them. Meanwhile, the kitties shed fur all over, rip your furniture and curtains, deposit gooey vomit and hairballs in inconvenient locations, and poop indoors. Then you clean it up.

In exchange, we get to look at how cute they are. And hear them purr for 45 seconds, or however long they'll tolerate our presence.

Like I said, I don't get it.

Anonymous said...

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