Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Jane Doe comes to Ottawa

There's a publication ban on pictures of Jane Doe Almost a month ago, I posted a mini-review of The Story of Jane Doe by Jane Doe. Last week she came to Ottawa and lectured for an hour and a half to a full house in the largest lecture hall at the law school. She said a lot in that time. I managed to jot down a few quotes: On police and rape:

"The illusion of Jane Doe: The Institutions of the police and the investigation of rape have changed. They have not." "Not a police department in this country has a policy on warning."
On the legal system:
"I don't believe the legal system is a safe, dignified or just place for women to enter."
On men's involvement with solutions:
"Good men have got to become involved... Examine how they benefit from sexist violence. Just like we have to look at how we benefit from racism, how we benefit from homophobia."
To future lawyers:

"Your job is to challenge the law, to shape it, to make it more accessible, to make it more beautiful."


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