Thursday, November 03, 2005

I love the Dollar Bank

I do a lot of my shopping at dollar stores. At lunch today, I dropped in at the Buck or Two in the Rideau Centre. It has a wide selection. But as I looked around, I noticed that prices were higher than I'd seen elsewhere. In particular, a crescent wrench for $2 and picture frame for $1.50 that I'd seen for less on Saturday at the dollar store on Bank at James. This evening, on my way home, I stopped in at the Dollar Bank. They had the same wrench priced at $1.50 and the same frame at $1 (the price on everything that doesn't have a sticker). Look at how much stuff I bought for $26.50. And trust me, I've got plans for all of it. Including the giant dice! And the suction cup plastic picture holder. The Dollar Bank 386A Bank St. (corner of James St.) Ottawa, ON K2P 1Y4 613-567-6407 p.s. They sell bus tickets!


Drive by Commenter said...

You can't leave us hanging.

What's the plan for the giant dice?

David Scrimshaw said...

It's an honour to have you pass through DBC.

I'm afraid to say that I can leave you hanging.

But here's a hint...

Q: Do you know what they say about guys with big dice?

A: Big games!