Friday, December 09, 2005

Fun with the Bike Cam

I'm trying to get an animated image effect today with bike cam photos from last week. Doesn't seem to be working. Say, there's something I'm wondering about. Last night I was flicking channels on a CSI commmercial break and flicked past Jennifer Aniston on Letterman. I flicked back because it felt like I should take the opportunity to see what Aniston's like when she's not playing Rachel. Why? Because I've been asked so often whether I'd pick her or Angelina Jolie that it felt like I should have an informed opinion. I'd have to say that Aniston came off really well last night. Witty, charming, good values. Here's what I'm wondering about: is there anyone else out there who's been asked to choose between Jennifer and Angelina so often that in some part of their brain they have the idea that they might actually have to make that choice some day?

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