Thursday, December 29, 2005

Human Bingo - The Ultimate Party Mixer

Happy Human Bingo PlayersIf you're planning a party, you might want to check out the party advice I put in Scribbles #16 [Link to Party Advice]. My main advice for sparking conversation and getting people past "so, what do you do?" is to play a mixer game and the best mixer game I've come across is Human Bingo.

sample human bingo cardMany years ago, I created an Excel spreadsheet that allows anyone to create customized unique Human Bingo cards for each player. You can download it by right-clicking this link: Human Bingo: the Spreadsheet .

You don't need elaborate prizes. I let people take a chocolate or choose something from my box of dollar store items.


  1. Hand out the cards with pens or pencils when you have a critical mass (~20).
  2. Players interview each other to find names they can place in squares that match them. (Warning: some people are not honest and will either claim accomplishments that are not true of them, or will deny their pasts. It's up to you as host how strict to be. I am very strict about false accomplishments, but if someone prefers to not admit to having kissed a cousin, I let it go.)
  3. Anyone who gets a horizontal, vertical or diagnonal line of five completed squares with no duplicate names wins a bingo. Keep playing until prizes run out or the players get bored.


  • If you're single and looking include "came with platonic friend" on some cards.
  • If you're looking for a tuba player for your brass ensemble, you might find one by putting "plays the tuba" on some of the cards, but it never worked for me.
  • You don't need to make it easy, and you don't need to put in things that you know a guest or two will fit in. The more players you have, the more bizarre you can make the squares.
  • If the "Create new cards" button doesn't work, try these instructions.

Sites for downloading the file:


Anonymous said...

This is awesome! Thanks so much! I conduct training seminars and this is a wonderful resource to use to keep the ice rbeakers fresh. I've done human bingo before but always had to create from scratch! This is SOOOOOOO much better!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Well, this is a good example of "the power of the internet." I am planning a party this coming Sunday for 80 people on a boat in Amsterdam, and I had a vague recollection of having played some variety of 'human bingo' years ago. I promised to put it together but really had no idea what I was doing, and then I found your website. This is so helpful! Thanks for making the Excel sheets available to grateful strangers like me. You've definitely contributed to a big group of people having a very good time this Sunday. Thanks. patricia.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so so much! I'm a youth leader in my church and this is the second time I'm using your spreadsheet to create a game of bingo as a mingling activity for our youth.

bingo news said...

surely drunk too much should be in there.

David Scrimshaw said...

Hey Anonymous people, you are all welcome.

Bingo News, "drunk too much" is one of those things that either nobody will fit -- like at the Church Youth Mingler, or everyone will fit -- like at my New Year's Party.

Anonymous said...

I work in a school so these bingo sheets would be great for the kids, before I came across this I was having to folk out a few pounds, not good on the salary teachers get these days!

Anonymous said...

Yes, i got here right information. I would like to give thank you to David

OK-OxuKitab─▒ said...

Sorry, but the link for party ideas doesnt work :(

Anonymous said...

thanks! very helpful:-)

Anonymous said...

Thank you, David Scrimshaw, for programming this spreadsheet that made my life a WHOLE lot easier to complete this game !! :)

Anonymous said...

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