Thursday, December 29, 2005

Making the Human Bingo Spreadsheet Work

If the "Create New Cards" button is not working for you, probably your Excel security setting is on High.

(1) Close the Human Bingo spreadsheet.

(2) From an empty Excel go to the Menu and click on

  • Tools
  • Macro
  • Security...

(2) Select Medium or Low

(3) Open the Human Bingo Spreadsheet. If you chose Medium security you will get this warning screen. Select:

  • Enable Macros Now it should work fine.

[Human Bingo]


Jocelyn said...


Anonymous said...

Hi David,
This excel sheet is awesome, but I am experiencing the issue with the create new card button not working. I tried to follow these directions, but I am assuming since there are newer versions of excel out now the menus are different because that is not what comes up on my version of excel unfortunately. Thanks for sharing your spreadsheet. This already looks like a great game!


David Scrimshaw said...

Hi Danielle,

You're right. This was done on an old version of Excel. I keep meaning to do an update for a new version or Google spreadsheets, but other things keep getting in the way.