Wednesday, December 21, 2005

One Semester Left

At 1pm when I was printing my summary for my 2pm exam and the computer said "printer is out of black ink" I really thought I was going to have a problem. But after pressing all the buttons on the printer and making it start again, I managed to print the odd pages as well as the even pages. Then at 2pm when I went to my section on Oppression and saw that the footnotes with case names and quotes weren't there, I had another bad moment. But the only quote I really missed was from the Wise Brothers.

"The fact that creditors’ interests increase in relevancy as a corporation’s finances deteriorate is apt to be relevant to, inter alia, the exercise of discretion by a court in granting standing to a party as a “complainant” under s. 238(d) of the CBCA as a “proper person” to bring a derivative action in the name of the corporation"
I got something close, like "vicinity of insolvency". But it's all over. I probably passed. "Inter alia" by the way, is Latin for "among others". Many judges and law professors prefer to say "inter alia" instead of the English equivalents. They save two letters. On the other hand, we all have to fuss around putting the Latin into italics and I think they're actually required to write in either French or English. But I'll leave it to someone else to bring that to the attention of Justices Major and Deschamps.

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accidental altruist said...

congrats and enjoy your weeks off!