Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Boxing Day Ritual: The Highway Rest Stop

exit to rest stop divider A Wendys Tim Hortons Highway Rest StopDriving back from Toronto yesterday, I wondered what percentage of the North American population spent some time in a highway rest stop yesterday. This one was around Trenton, I think. Neither John nor I were desperate to stop, but we knew if we didn't stop at the Wendy's rest stop, the next one would be a McDonald's. divider Kid in parking lot wrapped in blanketKids on road trips today don't know how good they have it. Minivans and SUVs with DVD players! Parents who let them walk in damp parking lots with blankets hanging off them? And I'm guessing that in a van or SUV, a dad's right arm can't reach any of the kids in the back. divider Cars lined up for Boxing Day gasThe rest stops were busier on Boxing Day than they'd been on Christmas Eve. John's theory was that this was the first one after Toronto, and that's why it had such big lines. divider escape from the area closed zoneSomehow, this fellow got himself into an area he shouldn't have been in. divider Sign: This Area is Closed for Winter divider

Video game: Loonies Only; Animated Violence MildThe picnic table area might be closed, but you can still play a video game with mild violence.

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Anonymous said...

i bet my dad's right arm could reach across three rows of minivan seats. i fear you underestimate the power of dad-rage in the face of child stupidity. if nothing else, he'd turn that car around.