Tuesday, March 28, 2006

A Thank You

Sunday was one of those days that reminded me that I'm a lucky guy. The best was when Jody called. She wanted to lend me a car for five weeks, so I might as well come for supper, Michael had cooked stew. Then she called Sally to get me a ride over.
So around 9pm, I was driving back into the neighbourhood, well fed, having enjoyed a supper that contained more than it's share of laughing, and I realize it's garbage night, people have been spring cleaning, and I've got a car.
But what's this? Right in front of my house, someone abandoned four wooden dresser drawers! I don't even have to load them into the trunk! They're right at my house!
I could bust them up for firewood, but you know what? They're just the right height to use as under-bed storage containers.
Thank you, Jody. Thank you, Michael. Thank you, Sally. Thank you, person who carried four drawers over from Gladstone Street.


Grumpy Guy said...


Fingers said...

Your lucky day, for sure!
Hope you're doing good, David.

SalonSally said...

dresser drawer elves...how mysterious