Sunday, April 02, 2006

Stickers on the Camera

shirt sleeve cycling in Ottawa

There are several things I want to point out about this photo of me on my bicycle.

First, my clever sideview mirror is still attached and hasn't been knocked off any of the times my bike has fallen over.

Second, check it out! On Thursday, March 30, it was so warm, I had to put my jacket in my pannier and ride in shirtsleeves. The day after this photo was taken, I cycled to and from school in a short sleeve shirt and still arrived in a perspiring state!

Third, do you notice the stickers on my camera? One is a yellow sticker that Kodak put on the camera to advertise its features: 2.2 megapixels, etc. Normally, I'd remove this kind of thing. But it occurred to me that it makes my $150 digital camera look like a $7 disposable and I thought that might be useful. The other sticker is a return-address label that a charity sent me.

I don't know if having the camera look cheap has prevented someone from stealing it from me. It seems to make people lower their guard and thus allow me to get more natural pictures. But the address label has resulted in a quick return. When I went to Toronto a few weeks ago, the ticket agent called to me after I'd paid and walked to the waiting area, "Mr. Scrimshaw?" He waved the camera. I'd left it on his counter.

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The Independent Observer said...

People are obviously mistaking you for a tourist. In the interests of putting your subjects even more at ease, have you considered taking this further and donning a Hawaiian shirt and Tilley hat?

David Scrimshaw said...

IO, I'm sure you realize that I have no problem with the torso wear part of your suggestion. Nobody looks better in a Hawaiian shirt than I do.

Unfortunately, I can't quite seem to pull off the dashing Tilley hat look that so many other Canadians manage.

coyote said...

Dashing? Where?

JuliaR said...

Great idea for those return address stickers. I thought we could never move from where we are currently living because we have so many of them. Now I know I can use them more creatively. Thanks.