Saturday, April 15, 2006

More Critters: The hogs are out

Because I followed a suggestion, I now see all the recent Flickr pictures tagged with "Ottawa" when I open my Yahoo Front Page.

Lots of tourist shots of the Parliament buildings, but also lots of pictures of people, graffiti, street scapes, and yesterday, a ground hog on the grounds at Carleton.

Image by LexnGer.




zoom said...

I LOVE groundhogs. I especially love this time of year, when you can take a drive up to the Gatineaus with a friend and count all the groundhogs along the way. Even better if you have a competitive groundhog-counting friend. I recently discovered that Dave X is a groundhog counter from way back. Anyway, April is best, because many little hoggers have succumbed to the perils of the highway by May.

Groundhogs are one of my favourite topics. I could go on all day. I even kept a groundhog journal one time, for a mean young groundhog named Gunther....he was the only vicious groundhog I ever met. Every day I wrote something in his journal for him. (He probably has a groundhog blog by now.)

My mom used to be the Groundhog Lady of Ottawa. She would adopt orphaned baby groundhogs from the Wildlife Centre, and bottle-feed them and raise them up into healthy, independent young adult groundhogs. Then she'd drive all over the countryside looking at the world like a groundhog would, seeking the perfect place to set them free. (She wasn't quite so good at raising kids, but hey, nobody's good at everything, right?).

David Scrimshaw said...

Very interesting about your mother. You could blog more about that sometime (although you may have already blown your anonymity).

I happen to have a competitive groundhog counting friend. We got into a big discussion about me being kooky once when I said I was going to go to the Nicholas Street onramp to the Queensway sometime and cut down the stump that I always mistake for a groundhog.

It really would be a good idea for me: a) I'd have the wood for next winter; and b) I'd stop wasting time going "three, no wait, it's that damn stump again..." and instead be scanning for real groundhogs.

Say, does anyone know in what part of the country they call them "woodchucks"? It's certainly not here.