Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Back to School Lifehacks

Here is a retrospective on my how to be a better student postings following from my appearance at Professor Lee's Language and Power class. Postings from me:

The Language and Power Presentation and Brainstorm Session

Links I spotted elsewhere:

Suggestions from Michelle Soles:


Anonymous said...

You would be remiss if you did not share one of your famous law school summaries with the class. Although law focussed, they are a useful tool to a) boil down a mess of facts into a chronological/logical order; b) spice up the study process by justifying otherwise unproductive time surfing the Internet for appropriate illustrations; and c) they may just help you learn or retain more. BTW, glad to see the cartoon of my obsessive "law lecture recording" habit reused.
I should also plug the "rolling briefcase" as aproductivity tool. An office on wheels may save the verterbrae of many a student keener and there are many cool choices from Roots to Obus Forme beyond the uncool "pilot bag" I used at U Ottawa. Or you could just get a locker....

Cheers, Margot, LL.B.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to adopt your procrastination-prevention strategy, starting first thing tomorrow.

The interview technique could be a useful blogging tool too. I'm going to try that.