Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Excited About the Danny Michel Benefit

On the evening of Wednesday, 29 November, Danny Michel is playing in a benefit concert at the Glebe Community Centre and I am really excited. Sure, I like Danny Michel and going to see him play is always a terrific thing, but it's the cause he is singing for that has me excited.

The Glebe Community Association is raising money to bury the utility wires during the Bank Street reconstruction.

Do you know how many concerts I've gone to that were raising money to cure horrible diseases, bring democracy somewhere, free prisoners of conscience, feed children, or save the planet? No, you don't, neither do I, it's a lot.

And usually at these benefits, I feel guilty. Especially when it's a really good cause and I haven't done enough about it. Which is every cause, because when you're talking about something that involves suffering or the planet dying, how can anybody ever do enough?

But tomorrow night, I'm just going to lean back and enjoy Danny's sweet melodies and intelligent lyrics. If someone wants me to buy a raffle ticket for some lame prize, I'm going to say "no thank you". If the president of the Community Association gives a speech, I'll use the opportunity to go to the bathroom.

Because I don't care if they bury the wires or not and Danny Michel in a small venue is worth $20 any day.

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