Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I spoke too soon

Children who have been orphaned by AIDS play at their grandmothers home where they live since their farther died; by Radhi Chalasani

Danny Michel as always was a delight. Melodic hooks, intelligent lyrics, gifted guitar playing. It figures that he also cares about more than burying wires. He also cares about the impoverished children.

When I saw the sweet women with the World Vision display at the back of the hall, I swore. At one point tonight Danny mentioned that in Africa right now, there are more orphans due to AIDS than there are children in Canada.

Which is not a number you can imagine until you start thinking about every single Canadian child you know and imagining they are orphans.

Danny did speak up for burying the wires. But he posed some provocative questions:

"Where will the birds sit?"

"And what about underground bugs? Will the wires electrocute them? Has anyone looked into that?"

As my own little protest for tricking me by inviting me to a benefit for something ridiculous but then reminding me of something serious and awful, I'm not giving to World Vision and I'm not going to link to them.

Instead, I'm going with the Stephen Lewis Foundation and giving you this link to "Grandmothers to Grandmothers". Because as you've probably heard, it's the grandmothers who are looking after all those orphans.

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