Monday, November 13, 2006

Michelle April's Vernissage - Nov 5th

Way back on Sunday, November 5th, Michelle April had the vernissage for her show at le Café Aux Quatre Jeudis in Hull (or in Gatineau if you can keep up with all the name changes around here.)

It turned out to be a real happening. Michelle's striking art; her singing with Red Wood Central; a collection of Ottawa's glitterati including poet Robyn Jeffrey and cake artist Jenny McMaster; and a big table of delicious appetizers.

[Bonus tip: If you're at a vernissage to look at the art more than to buy the best piece there, first hit the food, then look at the art. The art will stay up on the wall the whole time you're there, but the food won't stay on the table.]


Fingers said...

Ahye aye, your drawings are looking great. Coming here after a l;ong time.

Anonymous said...

You really captured my feminine side in this portrait, Dave! Did you bring the good pen out on the 5th? I enjoyed your green adhesive I can't envision a portrait of you without it.