Friday, November 10, 2006

Uses for Binder Clips - Wooing Hipster Indie Girls

Here is a tip you will not find in the almost encyclopedic tour de force Guide To The Mannerly Wooing and Winning of the Object of Your Affection.

I suspect it is because the authors made a serious effort to be gender neutral.

Hipster indie girls love top-knotch office supplies. If you give the hipster indie girl of your dreams a collection of brightly coloured binder clips in assorted sizes, she will believe that you "get" her. We may not all love office supplies, but we all love to feel that we are understood.

A Very Polite Zine Launch: Miss Matilda Manners and Miss Edwina Etiquette would be happy to partake of your company and teach you how to woo and win the Object of Your Affection. Saturday November 25th, 8pm 320 Lisgar @ Bank

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