Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Dave's Excuses

It is Wednesday night. I stopped working before 7pm tonight and I did not stop at the Manx on my way home. No, I cycled right here. I put some clothes in the washer. I ate some leftovers. I checked my emails. I looked at the TV listings and determined that nothing is on that I need to watch. I played Mumu (a disappointing 435). And now I am creating a Blog Posting.

Yesterday, the organizing book review had the lead in the poll with 5 votes, but since then there have been two votes for "An explanation of why Dave hasn't posted in so long".

This is fine with me because I haven't had time to give the book the attention it deserves.

I haven't posted in so long because:

  1. I have 67 unanswered emails that should be dealt with before posting here because every one of those emails could be from one of you readers of my blog who is right now thinking, look he has time for this nonsense, but no time to reply to my thoughtful email.
  2. At the end of every year for many years now, I have done a review of major areas of my life and thoughtfully crafted attainable and measurable goals and resolutions for the new year. I have not done that yet this year and should do it before posting here.
  3. There is a new computer game in my life. It would be too embarrassing for me to reveal anything else about it.
  4. I have been working very hard. Lots of trials and settlement conferences this month to prepare for and conduct, no time off over the holidays. [Milestones: (a) Completed an entire trial, didn't get everything I asked for, but it mostly went the way I argued it should even though the justice of the peace found me confusing. (b) Successfully opposed a lawyer's motion to dismiss one of my cases and won - tip: "that would be a try-able issue" is a magic phrase in this situation. (c) Successfully moved for an adjournment of an appeal while a local lawyer who is often in the news opposed the adjournment - tip: being completely ignorant of the case is extremely helpful in this situation.]
  5. I had a cold this past weekend.
  6. Phil loaned me two tapes with Battlestar Galactica episodes. Plus Space TV showed the opening mini-series.
  7. I discovered Carl Schroeder. He is a terrific sci-fi writer who has written one book with bona fide space pirates (Sun of Suns), and two others that are close enough to count (Permanence and Vesta).
  8. I've actually spent some time with other human beings since the holidays started.
  9. Among last year's resolutions was: "Clean out the basement" This was the second or third year it was on the list without being performed. I should be working on that instead of blogging here.

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Anonymous said...

Those sounds like excellent excuses to me.

#1, #2 can relate.Those cinderella chains of conditions are easy to have dangling around.