Monday, January 15, 2007

Less than ideal cycling conditions

When I am riding my bike in bad weather, I find myself repeating the phrase "less than ideal cycling conditions" like a mantra.

Today I did not cycle. I walked to the closest bus stop and waited in the shelter until the #14 came along. "Less than cycling conditions," I thought to myself.

For all of us who would have been happy for the lack of snow to continue, let us at least be happy that the ski-folk can stop their whining.


Anonymous said...

A sound choice.
This morning I endured another Ottawa tradition: watching near-fisticuffs between a careless driver and an insane winter cyclist. Luckily the driver, although apparently lacking in depth perception, was a calm man and fisticuffs were averted.

David Scrimshaw said...

I am glad to hear that fisticuffs were averted, but Jennifer, I am dismayed that you would use an adjective like "insane" with the phrase "winter cyclist" as though the terms are inextricably linked.

Winter cyclists are human beings who have a right to use our streets and deserve courtesy. Some may have mental health issues, but this is true for any segment of our population, and where it is true, these people deserve even more patience and understanding.

Anonymous said...

David I too was dismayed, not with the comment about the insane winter cyclists, but rather with the reference to “whiny ski-folk”. Although I am not a whiny ski-folk (I don’t even know how to ski), I believe that any folk who contribute towards the appreciation and enjoyment of our winter months deserve to be applauded. They take our bleak, cold, and otherwise depressing season and make us sit up and notice that it is something to be appreciated and enjoyed ... and by the way you don’t need a lot of money to get out there and enjoy all winter has to offer! After all, I prefer ski whiners (who take what we have and enjoy it) much better than those tropical hot spot show offs who let’s face it... could be supporting our Canadian tourism economy.

So, please enough picking on our winter enthusiasts ...and David, perhaps you might want to put away the bike and take out a pair of snowshoes?

Yours truly,
Snowboarder girl.

David Scrimshaw said...

Dear Snowboarder girl,

I apologize for implying that all the ski-folk have been whining.

However, I stand by my underlying premise that whining is not fun to listen to when you don't share the sentiment.

As for taking up snowshoes... I'd really rather make people sit up and take notice that winter is to be appreciated and enjoyed by riding my bicycle.