Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Uses for Binder Clips - Emergency Eyeglass Repair

Suppose you're at a concert at the National Arts Centre and suddenly one of the lenses pops out of your glasses because the little screw that holds the frame shut has fallen out. And suppose you can't find the stupid screw, and even if you could you don't have a teeny little screwdriver, nor do you a piece of fine wire and a pair of pliers.

But suppose you have a binder clip!

If that's the case, no problem. On with the show.

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Anonymous said...

David in case you're up Spectacle Creek without a binder clip one day, a safety pin can also perform the same function. At least in the olden days it could. My friend Liz wore safety-pinned glasses for years.

Also Asteroidea is completely correct about your organizing book. It sounds silly. You need the Fly Lady... flylady.com. She'll help you get organized and won't waste time on self-analysis in doing so.

By the way I notice other commentors use initials, business names, or first-names only. What do they have to hide?