Sunday, February 11, 2007

Peace Lillies - My Favourite House Plant

Tonight is one of those nights where I just want to watch television or read a book. But there are things to do.

I washed all the containers I've been using to bring my meals to work. This may not sound like a big deal to you, but let's just say bleach was involved and it's not because I'm a clean freak.

Accomplishing this alone would have been enough for me, but what about you, my voracious readers. [Speaking of readers, I learned recently that the co-worker who got the chia keyboard has been reading this for a long time and took my posting about the keyboard to be a confession. I also learned that the conductor of the Maple Leaf Brass Band read my posting about my inability to play 16th notes. He is now paying attention to the second horn part when there are 16th notes. These developments both mean that I will not be able to get away with things I'd been hoping to get away with.]

But the blog must go on. Even though there is binder clip news to share and productivity tips, let me tell you about:

The Peace Lilly – Spathiphyllum

I like peace lillies because they are easy to look after. Whenever a pot gets full, I split the plants into two or three other pots. This means that I usually have a houseplant I can give away when someone gets a new apartment.

Here is the text I print to include with the plant:

The Peace Lilly is a rain forest plant that likes a lot of water and not a lot of light. If it gets too dry, its leaves will droop, but it will revive quickly when watered. This makes it a good plant to have with other plants that are less communicative. A real plus for spathiphyllum is that it’s one of the top 10 plants most effective in removing formaldehyde, benzene, and carbon monoxide from the air (according to a 1989 study by NASA and Associated Landscape Contractors of America.)

Bonus Tip: One of the problems for me with houseplants is they get dusty and I can't be bothered wiping all the leaves. This is no problem with peace lillies. Whenever I notice the problem, I put them all in the shower and turn on the water.

Nasa Study Links:

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Anonymous said...

Hey David my friend Karen is moving to Waterloo in the spring and wants to put some plants in her new basement office. She says she has bad luck with plants. It sounds like a peace lily might change that luck!

I kept meaning to introduce you to each other while she was in town, but it never happened. Would you like to donate a plant to her new office as a memento?