Sunday, February 11, 2007

Uses for Binder Clips - Sealing Molasses

Sealed Molasses by Marvin Scrimshaw

I received this email yesterday:

Never thought I 'd be adding to your catalogue of binder clip uses, but there I was the other day with no way to close the molasses carton after cutting it in half to more easily access the molasses. Tried masking tape, scotch tape and even an elastic band, then, eureka, I thought of binder clips.

So there you have another use for those wonderful clips, keeping cartons closed.

Love, Mom


Anonymous said...

Ah, there you go. I've done that myself as well.

And what about when a book spine is broken and you glue it and hold it in place while the glue sets.

David Scrimshaw said...

Pearl, that sounds like an excellent use for a binder clip, but I don't believe I've seen it done. You don't have a digital image of that do you?

Anonymous said...

I don't unfortunately. But spines break all the time...step on any crack you can find to speed it up...:)