Friday, March 09, 2007

Uses for Plastic Containers - Guest Slipper Holder

Zoom is a genius.* Not only did she solve the problem of what to put in my art-protecting-plastic-container, she solved my problem of where to keep the guest slippers.

I didn't even realize I had the guest slipper problem until she brought it up, but I do. The guest slippers wind up in out of the way places or under dirty boots because I never wear them. Then someone comes by who doesn't have my amazing tolerance for cold floors and I'm scrambling around to find a pair.

But no more. Now they'll be right there in their special spot. Guests won't even have to ask for them because they'll be right there in plain view.


* Zoom is also a gifted artist. Check out her My Precious Moments.

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Anonymous said...

My experience is that guest slippers must be offered to--indeed, thrust upon--the guest no matter how artful the slipper display. Guests seem shy about accepting hospitality. It's the same when you offer coffee that's not already made. Sometimes you have to fib and say you were about to make some for yourself before the guest feels free to accept.