Saturday, April 07, 2007

Do you know this cute family?

Back during the real winter, I found this little frame with family photos on the sidewalk on Laurier St. W, just west of Elgin. A light snow was falling, so I picked it up with the intention of blogging it that very day so that it would be timely and have a better chance of winding up with its owner.

Instead, I forgot all about it until yesterday when I cleaned out my man-bag.

I have a tendency to pick things up and forget about them. There is a roll of film in my overcoat pocket that I found at the bus stop on Rideau Street more than a year ago. One of these days, I'll take it somewhere and have it developed. But I won't be taking it to Walmart or Costco. I don't want to get arrested if there are naked pictures on the roll.

Speaking of finding things on the sidewalk...

I'm no Dave X (reported on at Zoom's Blog), but I do make the occasional good find.

Lately I've been walking past a lot of Tim Horton's cups.Note 1 On Gladstone last night, I passed one near Metcalfe. For the next block, I thought about that 10-year-old girl in Quebec who demonstrated several fundamental principals of property law when she found the SUV-winning cup in the school trash can last year. So, the next cup, just after O'Connor, I stopped and rolled the rim -- "win/gagnez un café/coffee ©". Note 2

I am now a Tim Horton's coffee cup spotting robot. Unfortunately, of the rest of cups spotted on the walk home, three had "please play again" and one must have been a winner because the critical part had been ripped off the cup.

Note 1: Apparently I'm not the only who notices more of these cups on the ground during "Roll up the Rim" season: [National Post: Tim Hortons contest a litterbug, critics say: Roll up the rim begins]

Note 2: I've been reading a lot about copyright lately and find it very interesting that Tim Hortons appears to believe they can assert copyright ownership in "win/gagnez un café/coffee". If I was a lawyer I would be able to express an opinion on the issue, but I'm not, so I won't.

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