Sunday, April 08, 2007

Uses for Plastic Containers - Spider Removal

I've been feeling bad about not providing more clever uses for plastic containers,Note 1 and so I am happy to report that Megan's gallant beau, Eric, came up with a use I would not have thought of: Spider Removal.Note 2

The photo shown here is the used container and lid after it had been used and placed in the recycling. In deference to Megan's phobia, you will have to imagine for yourself the spider it held.

Note 1: One idea I had for containers was using them to make space helmets for your puppets. But it turns out that my puppets all have heads that are too big for a 10cm diameter container.

Note 2: If it was summer time, I'd have thought of using a plastic container for removing bees, hornets or wasps, but for spiders I've always used my hands. Except for the time my cat in Africa was sparring with a tarantula. I used a biology text dropped from knee height to "take out" that spider.

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