Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Uses for Binder Clips - Protecting Water Fountains

Pearl kindly sent me this earlier today:

Our water fountain is about ready to open for the season. With a bit of rubber liner, the binder clips kept snow and leaves out all winter.

From her blog, I can tell Pearl is a thoughtful person who weighs her actions.

This must mean that she has concluded that the greater good of protecting her water fountain from snow and leaves outweighs the harm exposing her beautiful, multi-functional binder clip to rust.

[I just realized that I momentarily forgot the point of binder clips. They exist to be used so that other things may achieve their purpose, not to be cherished in and of themselves. Does anyone else ever forget this about binder clips?]


Anonymous said...

Systems theory teaches us that the purpose of a system is that which it achieves. So if the system made up of David Scrimshaw and binder clips achieves 'cherishing', so be it. That is the point.

David Scrimshaw said...

Wow. I had no idea that systems theory is so Buddhist.

Or is that more Taoist? I don't really know that much about Eastern religions.

Anisha Zaveri said...

Haha..nice observation. I like it when inanimate things are personified sometimes.