Monday, June 04, 2007

My Bike Frame

If you have been past my house lately, you may have noticed this bike frame outside my door.

Take notice: I have a plan for this bike frame and it involves art.

On Sunday, I was giving Pam a bag of shells that my generous mother gave me to give to her. [What Pam does with shells]

After telling me to thank my mother, she said, "Listen, it's completely okay if you say, no. Completely okay, but here it is, my son's neighbour's boyfriend is an artist and he was wondering if he could have that bicycle frame in your yard for an art project."

"No!" I said more abruptly than I should have. "I have an art project of my own for that bike!"

"I thought you probably did," she said. "That's what I told this old man who also asked me if I thought he could take it one day when I was out here gardening."

Yes. You might think it is odd to have a rusty bicycle frame outside your door but there are at least two people ready to take it away from me at a moment's notice. I'm glad that the kind of people who have plans for old bike frames are the kind of people who ask instead of just stealing them.

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Anonymous said...

Silly me!! I saw the bike frame and thought it was for garbage pickup.