Sunday, July 15, 2007

Keir's Zombie Preparations

Almost every time I find myself in a conversation with middle-aged people about teenagers, I hear that today's youth are spending all their time on facebook and their cell phones, wasting their lives away living only in the moment with no thought for the future.

All I can say is this is not true of the youth I know. Take young Keir. Not only is he taking excellent photos of telephone poles and creating valuable video documentaries about the dangers of killer robots, he is thinking about dangers that could occur and preparing for them. I understand he stayed up all night long to complete this Emergency Kit for Zombie attacks.


p.s. I owe a big thanks to Keir. Because zombie movies scare me too much, I actually knew very little about how to survive an attack before he filled me in on the basics (i.e. Go for decapitation or destruction of brain stem and avoid their blood).

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