Thursday, September 13, 2007

Road Trip: Hartland, New Brunswick

No time for driving through the bridge
If you are driving from Ottawa to Halifax straight, or from Lepreau to Ottawa straight, you don't have time to see many attractions and you don't have time to find quaint restaurants. So you stop at places like Tim Horton's and Subway. At 538 and 542 Main Street in Hartland, New Brunswick, just off the Trans Canada, you'll find one of each of those franchises next door to each other. Not only do they have exactly what you'd expect, they have an excellent view of the world's longest covered bridge. There is also an imposing sculpture with a base you can sit on while you eat your 6" veggie on whole wheat sub. I believe the sculpture is intended to display friendship between indigenous News Brunswickers and settlers from Europe, but the woman looks frightened to me.


Anonymous said...

It is believed by some of my loved ones that when driving through a covered bridge you should make a wish and hold your breath all the way through. If you succeed in holding your breath until the exit, your wish will come true.

Word of advice: Do not believe anyone who tells you that the driver should close their eyes all the way through! If the driver insists on doing so, be smart, and simply “eject” out of that scene!

Pearl said...

Arrr, me laddie, where be your pirate day gear?