Monday, November 26, 2007

Saving Time with Mittens

Mittens and Gloves should have a way of quickly identifying which is left and which is right. Why do we slavishly wear identical gloves and mitts anyway?

Maybe you knitters could get to work on this. I suggest having red on right-hand mittens and green on left-hand mittens as this is the colour scheme followed in ocean and aeronautical aviation.

Minimum Benefits of this idea:

  • (28 million Canadians outside BC) x
  • (3 seconds per having to figure out which is which) x
  • (0.5 to account for people who don't try to figure it out, but switch when they get it wrong) times
  • (30+31+31+28+15 days in November, December, January, February and the first half of March)
    = 180 person-years!
    Plus, if the green-red system is adopted, lives could be saved in situations where pilots or marine navigators get food poisoning and have to be replaced by ordinary citizens who will now know the left-right colour code.


David Scrimshaw said...

p.s. wool makes me itch.

Anonymous said...

Interesting suggestion, and not without merit. However I'm not convinced your colour choices are optimal in that 7% of males suffer from red-green colour-blindness. That's 980,000 Canadians outside BC. How about a more inclusive purple-orange system instead?

Evey said...

I think this would help my driving too, as I never can remember my left and my right. Scary, I know. Maybe I should colour code my hands...

Anonymous said...

No, No, No, ones mitts (or gloves) must work together with hats(toques, tams) and scarves to produce a "put together" effect.

Anonymous said...

Not your worst idea, David, but in nautical and aeronautical circles: Red = Left (Port); Green = Right (Starboard).

David Scrimshaw said...

Red = Left?!

I'm going to have to go back to the drawing board.

Plus I have to come up with a way to have everything "work together".