Friday, December 07, 2007

A Graph for Dave Taylor

Although some of you may follow this post to the end and even click on the links, I'm telling you now that the only person it is really going to appeal to is David Taylor. Instead, what you should do is skip this post and read this page from the Mayo Clinic about being healthy.

Anyway, Dave, two interesting things came together today. First did you see the link on BoingBoing to rap represented in mathematical charts? You could quibble with some, but many are brilliant and there are so many of them!

That got me thinking that rap isn't the only music that you could make graphs for. In fact, some of our favourite music could also be graphed.

Then did you see that Google has a new API that lets you create graphs with text in a URL?

I had to try it out.


accidental altruist said...

That is the funniest graph I ever seen! ... I'm making more gingerbread cookies. You home and stocked up on cinnamon? I'm running low.

Anonymous said...

Graphs have been so underrated for years. This is great stuff.

zoom said...

Graphs rock.

Anonymous said...

Making charts to represt songs is fun. I had to go with artists I knew, though:
Like Kiss and Milli Vanilli