Sunday, December 09, 2007

Opening: Andrew Farrell at Artguise

A conversation with the artist that demonstrates a few interesting things:

Me: Andrew, lots of red dots, not many places to put more red dots.

Andrew: Yeah, it's pretty cool.

Me: You know what it means?

Andrew: No.

Me: Your prices are too low.

Andrew: I don't want to be gouging the homies.

Me: But still...

Andrew: Maybe the Toronto show...

Me: There you go.


  1. About me: You can send a pricing consultant to law school, but he still thinks like a pricing consultant.
  2. About Andrew: He might be a cagey marketer as well as a talented artist. He's ready to sacrifice maximum revenue in order to build market penetration and customer loyalty, but he is still live to profit maximizing strategies like zone pricing.

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salonsally said...

Dave, I'm sure everyone knows this, but where is this art gallery?

David Scrimshaw said...

Artguise is at 590 Bank Street, just south of the Queensway.

zoom said...

I stopped by yesterday. It was great. But everything had sold except #7.

David Scrimshaw said...

Wow. Andrew really does need to raise his prices.

If you're serious about being an art collector, Zoom, this is the art you want to buy, the stuff that is going to go up in price.