Sunday, January 13, 2008

Uses for Binder Clips - Prevent Sliding Folders

First I'll show you the binder clip use from Lifehacker reader Mike, then I will tell you why I didn't post it the very day I saw it.

Mike didn't like the way his hanging folders slid around when he opened his file drawer, so he cleverly used this binder clip to stop them from sliding.

Now Lifehacker appears to have had no conflict over showing this as another of the wonderful uses of binder clips, but I was torn. I had to think about whether to file it under "Uses for Binder Clips" or "Inappropriate Uses for Binder Clips". This is because to me having the folders slide around is part of the fun of a file drawer. However, I am trying to learn to accept that for someone else my fun can be their annoyance and if a binder clip removes an annoyance, that is a good thing.

This is not the reason I didn't post this use right away. No, I'm afraid I had a more venal and embarrassing reason. I am filled with jealousy. I have been hoping since I started the binder clip series that Lifehacker or Merlin Mann would notice these postings and give them some props. But no. I've gone unnoticed. Reader Mike has one fairly obvious idea for solving a marginal problem and he gets his own posting on Lifehacker. Meanwhile. the bigtime binder clip boosters ignore the contributions to the field that I've made or reported on.

I should be content with the acclaim and adoration that I receive from all of you loyal readers. I shouldn't need recognition beyond what I have. I know that. But still, I feel discouraged. And who pays the price? You do. Instead of just posting Mike's picture and moving on, I procrastinated ten days and have now burdened you with my petty complaining.

But from now on, I will do my best to accept the vicissitudes of fame and put your interests ahead of my own selfish whims.

If Lifehacker, Merlin Mann or BoingBoing do come across this posting here are the top 3 binder clip uses I think you might want to feature:

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