Thursday, February 21, 2008

Meanwhile back on the internet

Stuff is happening here at the laboratory, but I'm not quite ready to report on any of it.

Some of you might like to look at:

  • Alex Levinton's The 5 Most Horrifying Bugs in the World: Includes a "three-inch acid-shooting hornet"
  • The Onion reports on a fellow who read an entire book: "Yes, the whole thing."
  • Do you like squirrels? If so, the news that they are tricky will probably make you like them more. Do you hate squirrels? Now you can add "liar" to the names you call them.
  • Researchers at Yale have developed a cocaine vaccine: " The vaccine, TA-CD, is designed to generate drug-specific antibodies, which bind to cocaine and prevent it from traveling to the brain from the bloodstream. This neutralizes its psychoactive effect." This sounds great, you say. But, I ask, what happens when researchers at Brigham Young University decide to use the same technology to create vaccines for chocolate and caffeine?
  • Remember when you were young and you were inspired by stories of other young people who wrote books, started businesses, saved lives, etc.? I now hate those stories and instead look for ones like this one about David Morris. He played Grandpa George in the 2005 version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It was his second role after making his acting debut at the age of 79.


Anonymous said...

When I was six years old, having a bot fly larvae removed from my leg was "really cool"! As an adult, it is fun to ask people, "Do you want to see my worm hole?"

XUP said...

I loathe all those young people who are accomplishing things. Go David Morris!!

Pearl said...

and have you seen the lightbulb project?