Sunday, February 24, 2008

Princess and the Tiger

A couple of weeks ago, Keane, Keir and I went on a voyage of exploration and trade to the easterly reaches of Ottawa.

First stop: Princess Auto - an almost mythical hardware store - cheap power tools, gadgets, weird tools and all sorts of items to make a boy's heart beat faster.

On the way there, Keir told us about the project he wanted to find supplies for. It would be a microphone enclosure (kind of like what is illustrated here) We very quickly figured out how to build one with supplies that we already had. So, Keir would have nothing to spend mony on, right? Wrong.

He founad an empty pressure tank for compressed air along with fittings and rubber tubing. Why? Blood sprays mostly.

Next stop: Surplus Warehouse - fun to walk around - old desks and other office furniture, but ridiculously high prices. Don't go there unless you are at Gervais Electronics next door and you want to kill a few minutes. We plan on making our next east-end trip on a Saturday morning so we can to Gervais instead.

Final Stop: Giant Tiger - great prices. We all bought stuff. Keir was most excited to find playing cards for his magic show that were half the price charged at Walmart.

He's dedicated to his craft that lad. I dropped him off later that afternoon and asked his mom for a glass of water. By the time I finished the water, he had attached his bicycle pump to the tank and pumped it up to 5psi. Later that night he sent a video of his first blood spray test. I didn't mind it too much because you could see the hose and the blood was so purple it looked more like coloured syrup. Which in fact it was.

His more recent test with Mike in the shower is substantially more realistic. You can see it in this Trailer. [Warning: This video contains violence, nudity and coarse language. Viewer discretion is advised.]

Blood, Guts, Gore and Friendship II Trailer

Meanwhile, some of my Princess Auto and Giant Tiger purchases are still in the shopping bags.


Anonymous said...

I hope that one day when Keir is up on the podium clutching his Oscar, he will remember to thank his mother for all the sticky, icky, messy fake blood she cleaned off that bathroom wall, shower curtain, bath mat, blind, etc. ; )

Anonymous said...

That was spectacular!

David Scrimshaw said...

Old Woman, don't worry, they always remember their moms on Oscar night.

Zoom, I assume you mean Keir's trailer rather than my blog posting or the animated Giant Tiger gif.

Anonymous said...

Umm, well, ya know, it was ALL pretty spectacular, but I was specifically referring to Old Woman's comment. Keir's trailer was awesome too.