Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Questionable Uses for Binder Clips: Getting Organized

Unclutterer and Lifehacker have reported on a binder clip use by Christine of Compass and Coffee Spoons. Christine took three binder clips, and put labels on them saying “To Do”, “To File”, and “To Pay”. She uses the clips to hold papers that need to have one of these things done and hangs them on the back of a closet door.

I've delayed several weeks in posting this because while I'm happy to see binder clips being used, holding papers together is not exactly an innovative use for them.

Furthermore, I'm not convinced they are the appropriate tool for this purpose. My preference would be a cut-out envelope.

Adding, finding and removing papers from a cut-out envelope is much easier and reduces the risk of everything falling onto the floor each time you add or remove a paper.

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Anonymous said...

Using envelopes for paper: also not all that innovative! ;) But, also a solution...which is all I was after.