Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Meet Drexel - The Next Super Star Cat of the Blog-o-Sphere

Drexel looking into box of lights

This is my cat Drexel (or Drexelina if you're being formal). I have owned her for a couple of weeks and have waited until we finished our settling in period before blogging her. Drexel is particularly happy to be here because I am going to make her a star.

I know there are other famous cats out there in the blog-o-sphere. Zoom has her furry and friendly Duncan. Megan has her gender-twisting Freya. But Drexel will surpass them all.

Why? Because she leads a full and active life even though she lost her right hind leg in a tragic accident in her youth. Yes, Drexel is a tripod. But she doesn't let it slow her down. When she is in a hurry she can run down the stairs as fast as any other cat. She can hop on a bed or a kitchen table, no problem.

There are people out there who may contest my ownership claim to Drexel, but I am prepared to take this all the way to Superior Court of Justice (Small Claims Division) if they press the issue.

You see, Drexel originally belonged to Eric (The tragic accident occurred during his ownership. Nobody holds Eric responsible, but it is a fact that could be useful at trial.) When Eric moved to Manhattan years and years ago, he asked his sister Manon to look after Drexel for a couple of weeks. But Eric didn't take Drexel back after those couple of weeks. He abandoned her and thereby relinquished his claim of ownership over her.

You might think that Manon became the owner of Drexel once it was clear that Drexel was abandoned, but she didn't because she never formed the intention to own the cat.

Here is a quote from my Illustrated Summary on Property Law:

Personal property upon being abandoned ceases to be the property of any person until it is appropriated by another with the intent to acquire ownership to it.

When Manon needed a temporary home for Drexel, I said, "Move her in to my place." Manon thought that was a great idea because she had no idea of my clever plan.

The moment Manon left Drexel here and walked out the door, I had both possession of the cat and the intention to own her and thus acquired ownership.

Some of you may be uncomfortable with the idea of humans owning cats. Let me assure you that Drexel has no such issues. Manon came over a few days after the drop-off. We were sitting on the couch and Drexel hopped up and allowed Manon to stroke the soft fur around her neck.

I patted my leg and said, "come here Drexel."

Manon's eyes went wide with astonishment when Drexel immediately hopped over her lap and came to me. "She never comes when she's called."

"She does now," I said.

Interesting fact: Drexel is the German equivalent of the last name "Turner". [Source]


Anonymous said...

That is the most fiendishly clever plot I've heard yet today!

Anonymous said...

Fiendish doesn't begin to describe it.

David, don't you know that cats have no owners. I was just being respectful of that. I was allowing "Sexy Drexy" (her other name) to be a liberated cat. I think it's called "felinism" (not to be confused with feminism)

p.s. Drexel is tri-lingual - English, French, and Meow.

Oh, and she can say my name - Can she say your name, David?

Anonymous said...

I'm with Manon on this one. You aren't giving Drexl (correct spelling as she is named after of this character http://www.imdb.com/character/ch0006549/ ) enough credit. You assume she has submitted to your ownership, but if she was being mean, whiny, and defiant would she really make it to blog stardom? Have known her far longer than you I have seen the extend of her cleverness, and she'll come running over to the next persons lap when they call her so long as they can make her a bigger star. Like perhaps someone who could put her in a movie...just give her time. You'll see.

Anonymous said...

I see a connection here to the sad tale of Abigail who's owner had to be out of the country for a period of time. This trusting owner left Abbie with a similarly trustworthy?? friend. However, upon his return the friend had claimed ownership of Abbie and, indeed, had absconded with her. Now I think this formerly naive,nice guy is finally getting his reward.
To David and Drexel: a long happy relationship. To Manon and Keir: Good luck

XUP said...

I don't care what anyone says, I think you're an evil genius whose equal can only be found with the likes of Ernst Blofeld

Pearl said...

of course, cat's can't be owned. they own the pet people.

David Scrimshaw said...

Zoom, thank you.

Manon, I've heard Drexel miaow and I've heard you say she can say your name. I haven't heard her say "Manon".

Keir, if you ever owned Drexel, you would have the right to determine the spelling of her name. Alas, she is mine now. She's been hearing you say you'll put her in the movies for years. Funny thing, she brought a toy mouse with her when she moved in, but no Oscar.

Red Vera, I see how you can make the connection with Abby, but the ownership change happened quite differently. Before I went to Sri Lanka, I was not thinking clearly. I was so focussed on finding a home for Abby for the ten months, that I made a foolish bargain. I told Pat that if she fell in love with Abby, she would be allowed to keep her. I know. What was I thinking? Abby was one of the most lovable cats anyone has ever met. What I should have said was, you can keep her if you fall in love with her and if she will sit on your shoulders as you walk around the house or do the dishes. Also, when I made the deal, I had no idea that Pat would wind up moving to Nova Scotia not long after I returned.

XUP, thank you also.

Pearl, perhaps Manon will try out your legal advice if we wind up in court over this. I hope so.