Sunday, June 01, 2008

You'd think I could quit my day job...

Standing ovation at the Brass Festival

Between this past Friday and this coming Friday, I will appear in front of audiences five times.

Friday and Saturday, it was the Brass Festival. [Pictures on Flickr]

Tuesday and Wednesday, I'm supposed to talk up the Silent Auction at the Propeller Dance shows. You should go. Seriously. I guarantee you'll be glad you went. Guarantee. [Info Here] [Also stunning photos from our Launch by Steve Beaton on Flickr]

Friday, I'm accompanying Sally Robinson on one song in her performance at Rasputin's. You might think that Sally has so many of us join her because she wants to sell out Rasputin's. But the fact is, she would sell out anyway. She brings us in because she loves trying out different things with the songs she does. She has been writing songs like a maniac lately and they are really good. It's like she's channelling the Gershwins. I'd tell you that you should go to this show also, but you're probably to late to reserve a seat.

In other news, after a year of having a digital voice recorder, I now know how to download and edit recordings with it. This means I could become a podcaster!

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Anonymous said...

Great show on Friday night. Wish we could have made the Saturday one as well. Good pictures Manon.