Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Dubious Uses for Binder Clips: Boot Storage

Unclutterer posted a reader suggestion this week for people who need to store lots of boots: Use binder clips to suspend up to 5 pairs from a hanger. The reader, Lisa, recommends putting fabric between the teeth of the clip and the boots to prevent indentations.

I love hanging things and I love using binder clips, but I cannot support this binder clip use. As the clever commenters point out:

  • Even with fabric, the clips will probably permanently indent leather.
  • The point of being an "unclutterer" is to not have so much stuff that you need to hang 5 pairs of boots from a hanger.

Storage is not a big issue for my 2 pairs of boots, but I can tell you that I'd make a huge mess if I started storing them in a clothes cupboard without putting them in plastic bags first. And if they're in plastic bags, no need for binder clips.

I suspect these people hanging their boots in the closet don't live in winter geography. I'd wonder why they have boots at all, but they make it clear that it is not about necessity.

Wikihow has some better ideas for boot and shoe storage.


Anonymous said...

I like that you reject the occasional binder clip idea. It gives you more credibility somehow.

By the way, I almost caught a cold and GC almost made me some Ginger Concord Tea. I thought you should know.

David Scrimshaw said...

Wow, Zoom, the Ginger Concord tea is more powerful than I expected!

David Scrimshaw said...

But if you do get actually get a cold, I even more strongly recommend #31 at the Pho 99. Chicken Tonkinese Soup.