Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Japanese Guys who are working to save us

Yesterday's post may have given you the idea that the Japanese are unified in a desire for the extinction of humanity.

I must assure you that this is not true. For example, Hiroko Yoda, Matt Alt (possibly not Japanese) and Tatsuya Morina have just published Yokai Attack: The Japanese Monster Survival Guide. I have not read it yet, but it claims to be a guide for surviving attacks from Japanese monsters.

I've never seen statistics on this, but I suspect that more monsters come from Japan than from any other country in the world. This makes Yokai Attack! much more valuable than a guide book on how to survive Canadian monsters.[Note 1]

You can learn more about it here.

Yokai Attack!: The Japanese Monster Survival Guide
by Hiroko Yoda (Author), Matt Alt (Author), Tatsuya Morino (Illustrator)

Format: Trade Paperback
Published: October 1, 2008
Dimensions: 192 Pages, 5.25 x 7.5 x 1 in
Publisher: Kodansha International
Associated ISBNs: 10:4770030703; 13:9784770030702

Note 1: Although maybe someone should write the Guide to Surviving Canadian Monsters, it would only take about 30 minutes, most of that for the illustrations.

  • Ogopogo: Pull out a camera and it vanishes.
  • Loup-Garou: (a) Figure out who the Loup-Garou used to be, then (b) draw blood from it.
  • Sasquatch: see Ogopogo.
  • Windigo: (a) To avoid becoming one, don't eat human flesh. (b) To keep them away, perform an Assiniboine, Cree or Ojibwa Wendigo Ceremony.


Anonymous said...

Canada also has Wasco! Keep a fresh supply of treats to toss at it, and you should be safe from its chomping teeth.

4th Dwarf said...

Treats? Wasco can be avoided with treats? Like, say, Mars Bars?

We do not have the toughest monsters here in Canada.

accidental altruist said...

BRILLIANT! I know what to get Rayna for Christmas now!!! :-D