Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Lightbulb Art - Rock Bud Vase

All you need to make a bud vase like this is:

  • 2 wire coat hangers (one for wrapping around the rock and part of the other to make a hook for the bulb)
  • A good-sized rock from Newfoundland
  • A burned-out and emptied light bulb
It makes a good present for someone who has everything because probably they don't have one of these.



Manon said...

I want one...

Meanie said...

this is fantastic and i wish it wasn't my bedtime whilst reading this because i really want to make one!

aandjblog said...

i love this idea. I think i'll try and give it a try myself :)

Anonymous said...

I have some lovely Newfie rocks and just need someone to make me one of those lovely bud vases.

S said...

Lovely creation, and the yellow flower sets it off in the best way. Did you get the light bulb at Food Basics? I wonder if Food Basics even carries light bulbs, since it's so 3rd world and all (reference previous post). In my opinion, Food Basics is a fine store. You just happened to be there on a bad day when your pockets were low on change, and the particular employee (read: kid) you encountered was a tad rude. My sympathies to you. I hope you feel better now :)

Anonymous said...

Love my new bud vase!!
Thanks so much. The rocks from Grand Bank beach are perfect for your project. Must remember to get some for you on our trip.

David Scrimshaw said...

Sonja, I noticed that Food Basics does sell light bulbs, but of course the bud vase is not from a bulb bought only last week. I use burned-out bulbs for my projects.

I, in fact, am all set to now go to the Carling Food Basics. I would have gone today, but somebody was dead set on shopping in the Byward Market so I wound up at the Rideau Metro. There's a whole other set of issues there. Don't get me started.

Red Vera, very glad that you like your 50th Anniversary Bud Vase. But I must discourage you from bringing me rocks from Newfoundland. I still have plenty of Newfoundland and New Brunswick rocks to put to good use.

Capital Mom said...

That is lovely.

Anonymous said...

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