Tuesday, August 04, 2009

The 2009 Unofficial Blue Skies Music Festival Page

The Blue Skies Music Festival has no web page.

I assume this is for some combination of the following reasons:

  1. The Hats don't want more people to know about the festival because there are already too many people begging to buy tickets every year.
  2. The internet runs on electricity that could be generated by nuclear reactors fueled by uranium that might be mined near Clarendon.
  3. A majority of the Hats would like to have a website, but simply cannot agree on whether it should be a blog or wiki, never mind whether to go with Wordpress or Blogspot.

With this void, I have decided to step in and provide some handy reference material.

2009 Main Stage Performers


7:30 pm Goat Note

8:30 pm O'Darling

9:30 pm James Hill [MySpace Last.fm]

10:30 pm Delhi To Dublin [MySpace]


3:00 pm The Abrams Brothers [MySpace]

7:00 pm Splash N'Boots [Last.fm]

8:00 pm evalyn parry [MySpace CBC3 Last.fm]

9:00 pm Notre Dame de Grass [MySpace]

10:00 pm De Temps Antan [MySpace Last.fm]

11:00 pm Jack De Keyzer


7:45 pm Bill Staines [MySpace Last.fm]

8:45 pm Matt Andersen

9:45 pm Rant Maggie Rant [MySpace]

10:45 pm James Cohen

11:45 pm C.R. Avery [Myspace]




Unknown said...

Thanks for the google-fu. A fantastic and brave lineup this year, I thought. When I heard Delhi2Dublin (great band, terrible name), I thought I was at Burning Man for a second...

I think you're pretty much spot on as to the reasons why there's no website, but as well, there's really no reason to have any "marketing" when you have a guaranteed sell-out every. Blue Skies is the Toronto Maple Leafs of the Ontario Folk Festival circuit.

Enlightndone said...

Hey that's me in the picture in the purple top. :) YAY. Thanks for taking the time to post all this info :)

Dewey said...

any 2010 info?

Dewey said...


David Scrimshaw said...

Only that it is going to happen on the Civic Holiday weekend just like always.

As far as I know they haven't announced any camping pass lottery results yet.

Lucas said...

Saw a poster here in Kingston, so the info is out there... just not on the internet!

Anonymous said...

Can we get tickets at the gate on Saturday?

David Scrimshaw said...

In the past, I've seen tickets for sale at the gate on Saturday and Sunday.

I've also heard that in some years day passes have sold out.

Anna said...

Hi Dave:
Your blog is the only info I can find anywhere on Blue Skies! My husband and I are going for the first time this year (and we thank you for the info on how to get in the mailing list or we wouldn't be going at all!)You mention tents and gazebos in your blog - can we drive in and sleep in our camper van too? Any info you can shed on this would be greatly appreciated.

David Scrimshaw said...

Hi Anna,

Congratulations on winning the ticket lottery. I am happy to report that while I lost, my lovely wife won. Now we just have to hope the mail strike doesn't screw everything up.

I don't know what the rules are on camper vans, but every year there are a bunch of camper vans at Blue Skies. There seems to be an area reserved for them near the front gates.

I have no idea if arrangements have to be made in advance or what happens if the reserved area is full when you arrive.

I suspect there are no electrical hookups and am sure there are no water hookups.

If someone who knows reads this, it would be great if you posted a comment to fill us in on this mysterious aspect of Blue Skies culture.

Anonymous said...

any insights as to how to get on mailing list?

new to canada

David Scrimshaw said...

The standard way to get on the mailing list is to go to the festival and sign up at the information desk.

I think it was $3 per year last time I paid, but I could be wrong and the price might have gone up.

The mailing address I have for Blue Skies is:

Blue Skies Music Festival
Clarendon, ON K0H 1J0