Sunday, December 06, 2009

My Water Feature

I've always thought it would be really cool to have an indoor pool. With a water fall. Or even a little fountain. But I've always figured I couldn't afford one.

However, it turns out, all that had to happen for me to have my own little water feature was to get a leak in the 90-year-old pipe that brings water into the house.

At first I was unhappy because it was this spreading puddle of water that I had to wetvac every day. But then several professionals visited my house and we established that it was a pipe leak and one of those professionals dug out around the part of the pipe that is inside the house.

This created the little pool that I have photographed here. A $70 pump and an old garden hose means I no longer have to wetvac 160 gallons of water every day.

I'm sad to say that I'm not allowed to keep this water feature. Because the leak occurs before the water hits my water meter, the City told me I have to fix the problem within 90 days. And since the really cold weather is coming, the excavating company wants to fix it next week.

This reminds me of something you homeowners might want to know. If you need to fix or replace a pipe that is outside your house, don't go to "plumbers" in the Yellow Pages. Go to "excavators".

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bob said...

I feel your pain David. Hope it all worked out for you!! Damn 90 year old clay pipes eh, makes me want to get mine replaced proactively!!!