Sunday, May 16, 2010

After the Razzle

We had our last showing of On the Razzle last night and I'm surprised to admit that I'm going to miss it. Surprised because I didn't think I was going to enjoy being in the play. As a member of the band, I had five very brief appearances, two of which weren't actually appearances because the band played behind the set where the audience couldn't see us.

For most of the play, I sat upstairs with other cast members, talking, reading old New Yorkers, or singing along with Dean, our banjo player, who will try to play any song anybody mentions. (This could result in a raucous sing-along like when Neil Diamond's Sweet Caroline was suggested, or something less inspiring when it was Britney Spear's Baby One More Time.)

This turned out to be an excellent way to spend an evening. That it ends with bowing in front of a couple hundred of applauding people is icing on the cake.

If you get a chance to be in the band for a play, I recommend taking it. As for being an actor, I can't say. All that memorizing seems really hard. Plus the vocal warmups before the show look and sound silly.

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Anonymous said...

The best theatrical experience is being the director - then you can take credit for everything and the cast, as well as the audience, applauds you. Also, you don't have to memorize anything.